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SchoolTool 20.1 Build 12 has arrived!

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We’re super excited to announce the availability of SchoolTool 20.1 Build 12 and provide an overview of several of our favorite updates included in this latest release!

“Update Students” Enhancements

Districts can now see changes more easily (and, in many cases, can automatically accept updates) from connected districts.

  • Core functionality changes include the ability to receive and review changes to student contacts, including contact names, phone numbers, addresses, and more. We also include student phone numbers in the list of fields available to be synced.

  • Workflow improvements include a new "Current Value" column (so you can see what the field value is in your local database before deciding to accept or reject an incoming change) and displaying student ID in addition to student name (so users can quickly identify the student for whom they're receiving changes).

    Watch the Product Release Demo Video to see it in action →

Multilingual Options for Report Cards

Building on our multilingual functionality, we added an option to allow districts to generate report cards in English or Spanish for both traditional (secondary) and descriptor (elementary) report cards. Districts can choose to always print a report in one language or the other, or let SchoolTool determine which language to use based on the first language of either the student or the primary contact.

API Security Improvements & Future-Proofing

Our API Security area has an improved workflow, making it much easier for a user to manage API permissions for each vendor. We also made a bunch of changes (behind the scenes) to support OneRoster API certification, in preparation for additional updates coming in early 2023!

New York State Exports: Additions & Updates

A product release wouldn’t be complete without our bread-and-butter: NYS Requirements.

  • We added one new export (Student Partner Project Fact) and several program service fields used to populate that export.
  • We also updated the Student Lite export, which included adding some fields to the Demographics tab for a student to collect some new data and introducing additional fields to our Custom Export tool so districts can use that data in their custom exports.
  • Finally, we made some changes to the Student GPA Credit export to align with state reporting requirements (specifically, we only report data for certain students now in accordance with NYS guidelines).

And that’s not all!

To learn more about everything included in this latest release of SchoolTool, watch our Release Video!


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We’re super excited to announce the availability of SchoolTool 20.1 Build 12 and provide an overview of several of our favorite updates included in...

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