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Easily manage student attendance & scheduling

SchoolTool makes tracking attendance a breeze

Track student attendance in real-time, record swipe entries into buildings, and view historical attendance trends.

Attendance tracking

Attendance Tracking

  It's easy to track student attendance, which updates in real-time.  

In the event that a teacher is absent, attendance clerks can take their classroom attendance, or a substitute can assist with attendance duties.


Student locator

Student Locator

Teachers and administrators can see where students are throughout the day, such as which class they're in or whether they left class to go to the nurse's office. 

SchoolTool can also notify students and parents if a student meets certain levels of absences or late arrivals.  


Configurable & Customizable 

SchoolTool's attendance module allows districts to configure how they want daily attendance recorded (e.g. in a homeroom or at a specific time). Attendance tracking is available for in-person, remote, and hybrid learning.

Districts can configure the information that teachers can see on their attendance screens, including indicators when students are in ISS or OSS.


SchoolTool's Scheduling Module

Creating student schedules can be a daunting task. The SchoolTool scheduling module makes it easier and faster for administrators to create schedules that meet student needs and course requests.

To help you build schedules, we offer a wide range of scheduling tools (drag-and-drop whiteboard, master schedule builder and editor, etc. ).

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Scheduling Features


Save time with our built-in and custom reports

Attendance report

Attendance Reports

Using the SchoolTool app or website, parents can monitor their students' attendance, get notifications when absent, and access student information.

Audit teachers to ensure they're taking attendance and use SchoolTool's dashboards to find chronically absent or tardy students.

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Scheduling report

Scheduling Reports

Various scheduling reports are available for counselors and teachers. Counselors can run a report to see how many students didn't get enrolled in a particular course; this may indicate a need for another section of the course.

In addition, faculty, students, and parents have the ability to print out their students’ schedules.

NYS Report

NYS Reports

With SchoolTool, it's easy to export all New York State reports. You can even schedule them to run automatically overnight, ensuring your data is always up to date.

You’ll be able to tackle the SA129 State Attendance report with ease and identify students who are eligible for State Aid.

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