Harness the power of dashboards.

Harness the power of student and faculty data with demographic, disciplinary, course score, SLO target, 3-8 assessment, attendance, graduation rate, student growth dashboards

SchoolTool Absence by Period Dashboard

Visualize the
big picture with interactive data

Dashboards contain a number of interactive charts that can show one or multiple ranges of data. Each chart can easily be exported to spreadsheets, documents, or PDFs for distribution.

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SchoolTool Dashboards help districts spot areas of strength—and find areas that may need attention.

Review a student’s attendance and discipline trends or compare assessments to final scores for each school year. Look at yearly trends for teachers’ grading or track SLO scores and growth. 

SchoolTool Dashboard

Focus on the details by drilling down.

Once a trend is identified, SchoolTool Dashboards provide access to drill down to the actual students included in that data set.


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