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Dashboards, Reports, and Exports

Advanced-Analytics-GIFSchoolTool helps wrangle student data and reporting, so you can focus your time on connections and relationships.

SchoolTool's Advanced Analytics

Visualize Data with SchoolTool Dashboards

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Fast, Sleek, and Interactive Visuals

Want to dive deeper into your data? Look no further than our intuitive and interactive visuals!

• Experience effortless data visualization with our dynamic dashboards—fast, sleek, and interactive.

• By subscribing to scheduled reports for regular updates, you can stay informed about the latest trends and changes in your data.

• Never miss a critical data point again with our reliable threshold alerts, ensuring you're always prepared to take prompt action.

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Customizable and Build-Your-Own

Why settle for a cookie-cutter solution when you can have a full-fledged customizable BI tool?

• Customize your dashboard to align perfectly with your unique requirements.

• Leverage the underlying data from our Data Lake to build a personalized dashboard.

• Whether at the RIC, BOCES, or District level, create the dashboard you envision with complete flexibility.

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Built-In Security & Compliance

Is data security a top priority? Our dashboards ensure utmost security and compliance.

• Our dashboards automatically filter student data based on user roles and permissions, simplifying access management and maintaining data security.

• Rest assured, we prioritize data privacy by sharing only secure links, eliminating concerns associated with sharing actual data.

SchoolTool offers many dashboards to assist you, including the ones we’ve featured below:

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SchoolTool's Advanced Analytics

Capabilities - the really smart stuff!

Our Advanced Analytics propels educational technology forward, unlocking invaluable data insights for districts and driving systematic improvements in student outcomes.
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Data Lake House Architecture

Are you struggling with how to organize your data while keeping it agile enough to meet tomorrow's analysis needs? Our architecture

• Securely catalogs and stores data in a flexible format ensuring it can be quickly remixed, reused, or repurposed to meet your next analytical needs.

• Uses in memory and parallel processing that allows you to run analytical workloads on anything from raw to fully prepped data sets fast.

• Keeps all infrastructure for analytics separate from the operational side of your SIS allowing you to run intensive analytical workloads without affecting district operations.

Icon representing data ingestion.

Ingest 3rd Party Data

Want to take your analysis to the next level? Ingest your third-party data into your Data Lake.

• Our team is here to assist you in seamlessly integrating (or pulling) your third-party data, enabling you to achieve a comprehensive view like never before.

• Say goodbye to data analysis woes! Our advanced analytics capabilities empower you to effortlessly analyze one-off CSVs, providing quick and valuable insights precisely when you need them.

Visit our Integrations page to discover more about our capabilities.

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AI Takes on the Heavy Lifting

No data science wizardry needed! Our AI features are here to help!

• With natural language capabilities, users can simply type in their questions in plain English and let the AI generate the charts and insights they need.

• Our tool also features advanced anomaly detection to automatically identify unusual changes in your data, eliminating the need for constant manual monitoring.


Interested in a sneak peek?

Schedule a time with us and we’ll be happy to give you a live demo and show you how to customize your dashboards for your RIC or district needs. 

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Interested in a sneak peek?

Our Advanced Analytics video will give you a glimpse into the powerful insights and capabilities waiting for you.

Like what you saw? Schedule a personalized live demo specifically tailored to meet your unique requirements.

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Save time with built-in and custom reports

SchoolTool supplies a countless number of standard (and customizable!) reports.

We're also constantly adding new reports based on the latest state requirements, district needs, and special requests.

Here are just a few of our favorite reports available to SchoolTool customers, several of which are in support of unique New York State requirements:

Report collection

We have an extensive list of available reports, so we encourage you to schedule a demo to see what’s available to meet your specific challenges and needs.

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The power of raw data in your own hands

The amount of data feeding any Student Management System can be overwhelming to navigate.

We have interactive dashboards, and plenty of out-of-the-box reports to help you aggregate, understand, and report student data quickly—but if those aren’t enough, our flexible custom export tools let you slice-and-dice the data however you need and want it.

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Learn more about some of the exports available:

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