All-in-One Student Management Software. Everything you need from day one.

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Everything you need from day one.

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All Modules Included

We include all modules with our pricing, so no matter if you are at school or at home, you’ll be able to access the same functionality securely through a single application—with no need to purchase additional components, and no special configuration, licensing, or software needs.

You also won’t need to continuously justify new budget requests with stakeholders as you grow. Whether you need everything now or your requirements change as time passes, we won’t nickel and dime you for essential add-ons.


Simple. Reasonable. Transparent.

We never want our customers to be surprised by hidden fees, or disappointed by pricing that looks like a great deal at first glance but adds up unexpectedly. That’s why our SchoolTool SIS offers the following modules at an all-inclusive rate.

No smoke and mirrors. No carrot dangling. Just transparency.

SchoolTool "The Other Guys"

All Included
(No extra fees!)

Pricing Varies
per module
Make data-driven decisions with interactive charts showing trends for a single student or groups.
API Integrations
Bring critical systems together with built-in API’s for special education, learning management, Google Classroom, and more.
SchoolTool never charges per integration.
Charges can apply per integration.
Cloud Hosting
Improve your security posture with an SIS hosted in the AWS cloud with EdLaw 2d and PII compliancy.
SchoolTool cloud hosting includes storage, data transfer in/out (ingress and egress), and other hosting options others charge separately for.
Charges apply for cloud hosting storage, data transfer in/out, and more.
BOCES Student Data Transfer
Onboard students with seamless data integration (eliminating manual efforts!) between BOCES and home districts for CTE, Alt Ed, Special Ed, and P-TECH programs. N/A
Online Registration
Allow parents to pre-register students for upcoming enrollment without in-person interaction.
Custom Exports and Reports
Create reports with any fields you want, run them as needed or on a schedule, publish them to others or share them as XML files.
$ - $$$
NYS Reporting and Advanced Validation
Track and report in New York State-required formats, and correct errors before submission with a validation view.
Create tiers of interventions for student learning and behavior needs, which teachers, counselors, principals and other staff can add and view MTSS notes with an easy click.
Master Schedule Builder
Define faculty, facility and course meeting pattern rules. These are then matched against the student course selections and will build sections of course offerings based upon the student selection conflict matrix and teacher/facility availability.
Parent & Student Portal
Offer a customized experience for each user—teachers see classes, parents see their children's information, and administrators see a powerful student search screen.
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An SIS is one of the largest parts of a district’s information infrastructure, so you need to invest in a system that keeps your staff and parents happy and efficient, has white-glove service and support, and gives you the confidence you’re staying ahead of ever-changing state reporting requirements.

Today, SchoolTool has the largest market share of student management systems in NYS—and we’re still growing.

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