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SchoolTool 20.2 Release is here!

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SchoolTool 20.2 has arrived!  What's included in this latest release?  Keep reading:

Enhanced Authentication/Login Experience

Version 20.2 provides an overhaul of existing authentication logic to introduce significant improvements to security and provide a consistent login experience between the full website and mobile site:

  • The new login screen improves support for SSO and makes SchoolTool's MFA solution and "Forgot Password" functionality available to users on the mobile website.

  • The updates to authentication also adds support for OneRoster Scopes, providing additional security for API vendors using OneRoster.

  • Changes to system banner functionality also allow districts to continue showing customized content on the login screen.

Continued Improvements for Multilingual Report Cards

A new Translations area is available in Maintenance to allow districts to enter translation text for a number of district-defined values. Translated text entered here will then be displayed on report cards based on the Printed Report Card Language prompt for each report.

In addition, all remaining canned report card formats have been updated to use the new Printed Report Card Language setting.

Tracking of Mailing Addresses in "Update Students"

"Update Students" functionality now includes the ability to receive updates to student contacts' mailing addresses. When changes are made to a contact's mailing address (whether adding, changing, or removing the address), this data will be included in the Update Students grid in Census > Receive Student Data and will be shown on the Contact Changes report for the corresponding row. 

Changes for NYS Data Warehouse

A number of changes were added to ensure accurate NYS Data Warehouse reporting. Changes include the following:

  • Updated short codes for 26 IB Assessments to correspond with NYS expected codes
  • Updated Logic for Student Partner Project Fact and Student Lite Exports to ensure all appropriate P-Tech/Smart Scholar students are included
  • The Career Pathway field is now required for P-Tech/Smart Scholar program services to ensure accurate data warehouse reporting
  • Eligibility Field No Longer Required for Free/Reduced Lunch Program Services)
  • Updated items in Faculty PMF Assignments List
  • Added the "Unknown" grade level for use with 8300 enrollment codes.

Online Help Navigation Improvements

Enhanced online help for Grade Book Setup (Teacher help) and in the Maintenance > User/Group > Groups & Security Tree area to make it easier for users to find information.

And that’s not all!

To learn more about everything included in this latest release of SchoolTool, watch our Release Video!


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