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Co-Ops at Mindex

We help you prepare for your career and have a whole bunch of fun in the process!

Welcome Co-Ops!

At Mindex we welcome the opportunity to work with young minds who are pursuing a software development program in college. We have a strong connection with Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and other area colleges and universities. Our teams are committed to teaching and guiding our Co-Ops so they get the most out of their experience at Mindex. We often find that a great internship with us leads to a very satisfying first job! 

Our RIT Connection

We support the education and career development of those who have chosen to pursue their studies right in our backyard, probably most of you reading this. As the premier school for technology students right in our area - RIT is currently ranked in the Top 20 Schools for Software Engineering (College Choice, 2022) -  it provides us access to the upcoming software development superstars. In fact, 38% of Mindex's employees graduated from RIT, strengthening our connection even more! Through our partnership, we engage with multiple technology-centric clubs at RIT to support their specific goals and further their missions. Supported clubs include:

In addition to supporting these clubs, we also have plenty of opportunities for Co-Ops to join our team each semester. Whether you want to work on our flagship student management system, on large enterprise project teams, or with newer cloud technologies, we have a place for you!

"My Co-Op experience at Mindex has been great! I am learning many new technologies working on two different teams. The most important experience for me was applying these technologies and getting to know the benefits of them at the production level. In addition to what I'm learning here, the company culture is amazing. Everyone is helpful, making for a very chill environment to work and grow and allowing me to balance my work here with my schoolwork."
Shivam Mahajan
Cloud Co-Op, Spring and Summer 2022

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It’s a competitive environment out there—especially when it comes to attracting the very best people, which is our goal. Check out our Software Engineer Co-Op position and apply today!

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Meet our Talent Acquisition Advisors 

Our Talent Acquisition Advisors, they're the people who will help place you at Mindex, are always looking for competent Co-Ops for assistance on a variety of teams. Please reach out to one of them if you are interested in a Co-Op at Mindex. 

Jeff Davison, Sr. Talent Acquisition Advisor

Jeff Davison

Sr. Talent Acquisition Advisor
Jamie Miller, Sr. Talent Acquisition Advisor

Jamie Miller

Sr. Talent Acquisition Advisor
Mark Dupont, Talent Acquisition Advisor

Mark Dupont

Talent Acquisition Advisor
Shemeka Elliott, Talent Acquisition Advisor

Shemeka Elliott

Talent Acquisition Advisor
"This Co-Op experience has been amazing! As a Co-Op, I was treated the same as a full-time employee in terms of my opinion being heard and maintaining transparency. I think Mindex has the best company culture, specifically the way Mindex appreciates its employees. It has frequent events and a very supportive environment. It's so nice how even people at senior levels are available to talk to and are willing to listen and consider your input."
Ashesh Sheth
Cloud Co-Op, Spring 2022

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