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Cloud Managed Services

Let us handle the complexities of managing your cloud environment so you can focus on business-critical activities you do best.

Addressing your CMS needs

Cloud Management Made Simple, Providing Peace of Mind.

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New to the Cloud?

Are you considering migration but lack in-house support or expertise? Do you need a trustworthy partner to ensure the proper maintenance of your cloud environment? Our team can guide you through a seamless migration, getting it right the first time. 

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Need a Boost?

Our team can provide mature, in-house support including maintenance, monitoring, and continuous optimization. Work with a knowledgeable partner to augment your team or to give you the ability to refocus existing resources on new projects.

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Provider Change?

Unhappy with your current provider's services? Feeling they don't provide sufficient value? Need more thought leadership or worried about basic maintenance like patching? Our team can help you re-evaluate and develop a cloud strategy to get you where you want to be.



Our broad expertise can help. 

We're an Advanced Tier Partner

We're an Advanced Tier Partner

We are an AWS Advanced Tier Partner and have been recognized for our skilled and certified technical professionals. We have extensive experience in cloud technology solutions and prioritize delivering exceptional customer experiences.

See what sets us apart as a Top AWS Partner >>

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We Run Our Own Products

Our own success story includes the development of SchoolTool, a SaaS product built from the ground up. Our team's firsthand experience equips us with insights to navigate pitfalls and apply best practices in designing, developing, supporting, and growing leading software applications.

Learn more about our SMS >>


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We Help Others Build Software

We extend our expertise to help others build their SaaS products. Recognized as a preferred vendor year after year, our commitment to excellence has resulted in a continuous influx of new customers and employees.

Explore how we support full software development life cycles >>




3 simple steps 


1. Complimentary Needs Assessment

Work with one of our cloud experts to answer a few foundational questions related to six key cloud best practice architecture areas that will help us to define your unique Cloud Managed Service needs. 

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2. Tailored Offering and Onboarding 

Your Needs Assessment results combined with a true partnership-based approach are used to tailor our base package with premium options to meet the specific needs of your business. And, during onboarding we will work with you to close any pre-agreed gaps in how your cloud environment is managed today. 


3. Expert Upkeep with Monthly Check-ins 

Mindex will review your AWS environment and accounts with you each month, ensuring that you are aware and up-to-date with how your environment is trending across five major pillars, including cost, compute, storage, backup, and security.




Expert needs assessment

Our cloud expert will work with your team to complete an abbreviated architecture review aligned to the six pillars for cloud best practice, including but not limited to: 


6 Pillars


Operational Excellence – How you run and monitor your systems and respond to events.
Security – Your security posture, tooling, and how you manage user permissions.
Reliability – High availability and your desired disaster recovery time and point objectives.
Performance Efficiency – Performance, right-sizing process, and opportunities.
Cost Optimization – Budgetary goals for your cloud infrastructure and how to achieve them.
Sustainability – Environmental goals, such as reducing carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly practices.
We will develop a comprehensive onboarding plan to ensure that your environment meets your expectations. And don't worry if you don't have all the answers; our cloud expert will provide thought leadership as needed.


Start Your Needs Assessment Today

Tailored offering and onboarding 

Your Perfect Cloud Managed Service Match! 

We start with our base package and recommend premium options based on your assessment and feedback.

Base Services

  • 24/7 infrastructure support and alert monitoring 

  • Daily backups, testing, restore, and OS patching 

  • Monthly status reports and feedback on infrastructure cost and performance, and security compliance 

  • Comprehensive annual review to ensure ongoing alignment with your evolving needs 

Premium Options

  • Custom support SLAs and dedicated resources 

  • Comprehensive application management, including updates, support, and troubleshooting for peak performance 

  • Advanced security posture alignment, aligning with NIST 800-53, PCI, and more for enhanced security

  • Resources for cloud infrastructure projects 

After contracting, we'll kick off your CMS with your key stakeholders and work to close any gaps between your current cloud infrastructure and the desired service levels as part of your onboarding.

Your ongoing CMS support.

The same team that performed your initial assessment and onboarding works with you on an ongoing basis.

Expert Upkeep

  • Per your tailored base plus premium options.

  • 24/7 infrastructure support and alert monitoring aligned with your SLA requirements.

  • Daily backups, testing, restoration, and OS patching, and periodic disaster recovery testing (as needed).

  • Continuous monitoring and action (if needed) to maintain your security posture versus the latest control sets.

  • Completion of any additional week-to-week infrastructure tasks at your request.

Monthly Check-ins

  • 30-minute to 1-hour call with key stakeholders from your team and your Mindex team.

  • Reports and feedback on infrastructure cost, performance, and security compliance.

  • Reports on all support tickets logged and any alerts of interest, with live, collaborative troubleshooting if needed (and as appropriate).

  • Discussion regarding any changes to your goals or upcoming cloud infrastructure developments that may require infrastructure work.

Ready to get started?

Start Your Needs Assessment Today

Mindex's team has the right mindset to listen to customer problems and address the needs. Mindex also brought in the right level of expertise in the AWS Managed Services aspects. They were aware of all the security risks/concerns and provided the recommendations.
Senior Director of IT, Solutions Architecture, Integrations & Data Analytics, Automotive Services company
My experience with Mindex team members has gone very smoothly, from transitioning to existing projects to starting new ones. They have proven to be very knowledgeable in the AWS (Amazon Web Services) world and are always motivated to complete important tasks on time. They have been professional and very eager to get involved in providing the most accurate solution.
Senior IT Analyst, Software Development, Diagnostic Solutions Company

CMS Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Cloud Managed Services provider?

A Cloud Managed Service provider can ensure that your systems are secure, scalable, and reliable, while providing expert guidance on how to effectively utilize AWS services. Additionally, they can handle routine tasks such as backups and system updates, saving you time and resources. With a Cloud Managed Services provider by your side, you can focus on achieving your core business objectives and maximizing your cloud investment.

Why work with a Cloud Managed Services provider instead of engaging directly with AWS?

AWS does have cloud management services available, but they're mainly aimed at bigger enterprise clients. If you're a smaller business, AWS will likely suggest working with a partner (like us, Mindex!) to help you manage your cloud infrastructure. They do have options for those with big budgets, but for the SMB and mid-market crowd, working with a partner is the way to go.

What other cloud services does Mindex offer?

Mindex provides a range of cloud services including cloud-native app development, big data and analytics, application modernization, cloud migration, and application integrations. If you're interested in learning more about these offerings, please visit our cloud services page.

Mindex CMS Complete Offering

Simplify Your Cloud Management 

Please complete our form, and a member of our cloud team will promptly reach out to you to initiate the process.


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