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Whether you're a novice just starting to explore cloud computing, or a cloud practitioner looking for ways to optimize your current environment, we want to help.


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Aligning our services with your business priorities

Choose some of your current pain points, and explore which Mindex Cloud Service may be the perfect fit for your organization today, tomorrow, and beyond:


An Aging Application Needs a Makeover (inside & out)

You have a critical--but old--application (and/or limited knowledge around the foundational code) that is putting the future of your business at risk.

Modernize a Legacy Application →


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Data Immobilization

You're immobilized by one or more areas of your data pipeline:  Ingesting all your data in, processing and storing it, turning it into actionable insights, and/or taking advantage of machine learning / artificial intelligence tech.

Become data-driven →

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New Application Development Needs

You have a new business application to develop from the ground up, and need a dedicated team of software engineers to make it a reality.

Augment your team →


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Back-Office Applications Are Siloed

You manage a wide range of business apps essential to daily operations that don't talk to each other, and your team is frustrated with repetitive data entry, wasted time switching apps, and more.

Integrate your business apps →

Cloud Migration

Burdensome IT Infrastructure

Maintaining legacy IT infrastructure that's expensive, inflexible, and unreliable is getting old (literally).

Explore Cloud Migration →



Cloud Environment Babysitter Needed

You don’t have the in-house bandwidth or expertise to manage and maintain your current cloud environment, and need peace of mind that it’s in good hands.

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Let's take you where you want to go

Whether you are just starting out on your cloud journey, or exploring next-gen technologies to grow your business, working with Mindex as your trusted partner has never been easier.

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We're passionate about all things cloud

We have an entire division of dedicated cloud experts with extensive knowledge of workloads on AWS and Azure, we specialize in:
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Application Development

Build the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient software on cloud framework



Convert legacy applications to modern cloud architecture to reduce costs and drive greater business value

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Develop, evolve and improve products at an accelerated pace

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Cloud Managed

Let us maintain your cloud environment so you can focus on business-critical initiatives

Cloud Migration


Take advantage of all the benefits cloud computing has to offer

Migrate to the Cloud →

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Big Data
and Analytics

Tap into all your data using new types of analytics to drive innovation and improve the customer experience.

Become Data Driven →

During the onboarding process, Mindex did a thorough and thoughtful review of our needs, goals, and challenges. They did a deep dive into our existing AWS infrastructure and were able to come up to speed very quickly. They have been very responsive and communicative as we have moved forward with them as our AWS partner. They have a very strong team that represents a broad and deep knowledge of AWS's many, many technologies. And, they have been instrumental in helping us to improve our utilization of those technologies to achieve maximum benefit.
Senior Integrations Developer, Automotive Services company
Mindex was able to efficiently assess our need and put together an outstanding team of collaborators to work on our project. So far, that team has not only understood our original ask, but has also thought further and outside the box to provide suggestions for how to progress this work even further than expected. Thank you!
Senior Data Manager for Data Integrations, Advertising Services company
The Mindex team has been great! It's refreshing to see a team with the core values that I grew up with in my IT career. They are professional, honest and extremely competent!
Senior Project Leader, Automotive Services company
Mindex has been transparent, communicative, and cooperative at every turn. The team is readily available for us and offer their ideas and support without over-influencing direction. The Mindex team has been able to resolve issues and support our growth and engage AWS resources when necessary. We look forward to continued success with Mindex!
Senior Systems Administrator, Automotive Services company
Mindex inherited our account from our previous web host and development vendor. They inherited an absolute mess. Mindex was handed a site full of date infrastructure, web frameworks, plugins and databases. We were experiencing outages and performance issues, as well as security concerns pointing to major holes in our site. Mindex quickly triaged the priority issues and then went to work bringing our site up to the level of performance, reliability, and security required of a multi-faceted organization interfacing with hundreds of thousands of users a month. I've already recommended Mindex several times to peers at several organizations and am extremely happy with their response times and the level of customer care they provide.
Director of Marketing and Communications, Nonprofit Organization

We're uniquely qualified, and here's why

AWS Expertise & Focus

Out of 100,000+ AWS partners globally, we are 1 of 5 that's headquartered in New York State with our programs and solutions focus:

AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner


Windows on AWS

Mindex is also a trusted AWS Partner for migrating, modernizing, and managing mission-critical, enterprise Windows applications to the cloud.

Learn more about Windows on AWS

Case Study

Leverage the full potential of AWS

Mindex optimized the cloud infrastructure for multiple environments, decreasing Kaman Automation’s monthly spend on AWS service costs by 44%!

Whether it is paying for resources that are sitting idle; or overprovisioning resources that are rarely, if ever used; there is a lot of room for improvement in the way organizations use the cloud. 

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Kaman Case Study

Engagement is 3 Simple Steps

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We'll learn about your existing tech stack, collaborate and align to your goals and timelines, as well as recommend options tailored to your business needs.

Software Development Cycle


We'll architect a design, build your solution, and then continually monitor, maintain and improve your environment so you can focus on your business-critical initiatives.

Getting Started

Jumpstart a risk-free engagement
with our team of cloud experts.

Talk to a Cloud Expert

Let's sit down and talk through your cloud journey challenges, so we can identify how to best help move you forward.

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Schedule a Complimentary Cloud Readiness Assessment

We'll analyze your entire IT landscape, determine whether you're a good cloud candidate, and share recommendations.

Cloud Environment Discovery

Apply for a Cloud Health Check

We will review your workloads against current AWS best practices, and provide guidance on how to improve your cloud architectures.

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Let's take you where you want to go

Whether you are just starting out on your cloud journey, or exploring next-gen technologies to grow your business, working with Mindex as your trusted partner has never been easier.

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