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Data Architecture Review

Are you AI ready?

A Reliable Data Pipeline is Essential for AI Utilization

As a structured pathway that connects various data sources to AI models, a reliable data pipeline organizes and prepares data, ensuring accuracy and accessibility.

Without it, navigating through data can be chaotic and inefficient, making it difficult to extract valuable insights, make informed decisions, and achieve business goals efficiently.



Complimentary Data Architecture Review

What to Expect

Your review consists of a one-hour session with a Certified AWS Data Architect to review the 3 main pillars of your data pipeline: Data Ingestion, Data Storage, and Analytics (AI/ML, Business Intelligence).

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With the goal of identifying your current challenges and opportunities, as well as establishing a long-term data strategy, the output will outline the next steps to enhance your data, analytics, and AI journey.

Objectives & Next Steps

  • Data architecture best practices for AI enablement

  • Industry-specific AI Use cases

  • Data architecture roadmap that includes:

    • Suggested services and recommendations

    • Deeper knowledge of your pipeline 

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