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Cloud Migration

Migrate your on-premises workloads to the cloud

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Cloud Migration of on-prem workloads

Why cloud, why now?

Migrating to the cloud is now necessary for your business to thrive

The decision to migrate workloads to the cloud often starts with a desire to reduce costs, but the truth is, businesses that fail to take advantage of cloud technology are struggling to maintain their competitive edge! That’s because the value of migrating goes well beyond the savings from retiring legacy infrastructure— Organizations can move and innovate faster, modernize aging infrastructure and applications, scale globally, get better insights from their data, and create better customer experiences.

Migrating to the cloud is no longer a question of “If” but “When”, and “When” is NOW.

In fact, organizations who migrated from on-premises have experienced:


average infrastructure cost savings*


more efficient IT infrastructure management*


more features delivered per year*


reduction in unplanned downtime**


fewer security incidents per year**

* Fostering Business and Organizational Transformation to Generate Business Value with Amazon Web Services, IDC

** Understanding the Value of Migrating from On-Premises to AWS for Application Security and Performance, Nucleus Research

Maximizing Benefits of the Cloud

What are your business drivers?

You can migrate any workload – applications, websites, databases, storage, physical or virtual servers – and even entire data centers from an on-premises environment, hosting facility, or other public cloud.

Our experience has shown us that customers typically migrate to the cloud because of one or more of the following benefits:

Cost reduction icon

Cost reduction

Retiring legacy infrastructure in favor of more efficient and elastic solutions to bring costs down.

Data Center Consolidation Icon

Data Center Consolidation

Spending less time managing data centers and more time running the business.

Digital transformation icon

Digital Transformation

Enabling broader use of advanced technologies to boost agility, and facilitate culture change.

Staff productivity icon

Agility & Staff Productivity

Improving business agility with flexible cloud architecture, while automation allows staff to dedicate more time to important tasks.

Improved security and operational excellence icon

Improved Security
& Operational Resilience

Hardening security to help protect against cyber-attacks, define and manage access policies, and prevent unauthorized disclosure and modification using encryption and policy-driven controls. The cloud also helps ensure resiliency, providing high availability with virtually unlimited failover capacity.

Staff productivity icon

Hardware/Software End-of-Life

Improving depreciating capabilities and/or to end or shorten refresh cycles due to the end-of-life (EOL) of hardware/software licensing and/or support.

This is especially compelling for organizations running Windows workloads and applications.

Learn more about Windows on AWS

We’d love to help your business move forward, no matter where you are in your cloud journey.

Organizations are drawn to the cloud for a number of reasons. With improved innovation to drive their business forward, organizations are able to meet changing business needs in today's fast-paced environment.

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Let's sit down and talk through your cloud journey challenges, so we can identify how to best help move you forward.

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Explore our Closet to Cloud Migration Offering

Elevate your business with our 3-step cloud migration process—assess, mobilize, migrate—for a seamless transition. 

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We will review your workloads against current AWS best practices, and provide guidance on how to improve your cloud architectures.


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As an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, AWS has validated Mindex’s technical skills and customer experience helping organizations like yours on their migration and modernization pathways.


Migrate Your Workloads with Mindex

The best choice for any migration motivation

No matter what motivates businesses to migrate to the cloud—one of the drivers described above, any combination of them, or something else entirely—Mindex can help you achieve your objectives quickly and efficiently.

With the best services and support, Mindex enables smart, strategic migrations for enterprise organizations where quality and speed are paramount.


Getting Started

You may be wondering:

  • How do I create a compelling business case for a migration?
  • How do I understand what is in my environment, in terms of applications and infrastructure?
  • What do I move to the cloud and in what order makes sense? Do we lift and shift, re-platform, refactor?
  • Do we have the skills to migrate and then operate in the cloud?
  • How do I start?

Our Mindex team of cloud experts have years of experience helping organizations migrate, modernize, and operate on the cloud, and have a proven approach to ensure large-scale migrations are a success.


Our Engagement Process

Mindex Engagement Steps for a Cloud Migration


Skyrocket Your Business

Closet to Cloud

3 Simple Step Migration Process

In our Closet to Cloud offering, the first step is assessment—a high-level discovery of your infrastructure to gauge cloud readiness and build a business case. Next, we mobilize and develop a game plan. Finally, migration begins, where we create a landing zone and migrate your workloads, accelerating your move to the cloud with Mindex.

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