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Data Analytics

Data Analytics Challenges You're Facing Today

Data volumes are increasing at an unprecedented rate. It’s growing exponentially, coming from new sources, is increasingly diverse, and needs to be securely accessed by users trying to find insights from all of the data. 

As the volume of big data being collected continues to grow, more organizations are realizing they lack the resources and capabilities to keep up, and traditional on-premises data analytics approaches bring with them several challenges:

Data Insights-Restrictive Pricing

Restrictive Pricing

Scale and maintain data - white

Difficult to scale
and maintain

Can Reach All Audiences - White

Can't reach
all audiences

Data integration with security - white

Limited integration
with AWS data
& security

Lack of Augmented Insights - White

Lack of
augmented insights

Restrictive Pricing
Most embedded BI solutions come with a client-server architecture, and have minimum licensing requirements. In order to get started with embedded BI, you have to sign up for annual commitments around users or servers, requiring upfront investments.

For new applications where usage is unknown, this means that you end up committing to numbers above your projections just to make sure your system scales to swings in traffic!

Difficult to scale and maintain

It's important to pick a tool that scales with your users' success. That means as your growth increases, both planned and unplanned, your analytics experience must remain just as snappy as it was on day one.

To ensure this, you will need to build extensive monitoring and management, and also manage infrastructure growth. And don’t forget about managing software updates and patches, and periodic data backups to keep your systems in compliance.

Can’t reach all audiences
Organizations today have a need to serve internal employees but also deliver data and insights to their customers and other 3rd parties. This usually requires separate systems and tools for each audience.

In a recent IDC report, 75% of business leaders said they would add another BI & Analytics solution within 12-24 months, and 52% said they will replace their BI & Analytics solutions within 24 months!

Limited integration with data & security

With such large and diverse audiences, connecting to data securely and enforcing governance is paramount.  We don’t want to have to replicate security models in multiple systems – it should be all managed in one place and not have to be replicated in the BI tool. 

Lack of Augmented Insights
Finally, users today expect insights to find them.  They don’t want to waste time digging through data to uncover hidden trends and insights.


85 percent of businesses want to be data driven but only 37 percent have been successful.

That doesn't need to be your story!  

Mindex can help.

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QuickSight dashboard

Put data to work with modern, cloud-native embedded analytics

Data is an organizational asset and is no longer solely the property of analysts and scientists. Data must be available easily and securely to anyone who needs access to it. That’s why companies need to move from a big data strategy to a data and analytics strategy that enables them to put data to work to make better decisions, more informed decisions, respond faster to the unexpected, look around corners, improve efficiencies, uncover new opportunities, and drive new innovations.

What is Embedded Analytics?

Embedded Analytics is defined as integrating data analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities within business applications.

Embedded analytics solutions simplify data analysis through visualization, forecasting, and natural language queries.

What is Amazon QuickSight?

A scalable, serverless, embeddable, machine learning-powered business intelligence (BI) solution designed to illuminate organizational insights.

With QuickSight, all users can meet varying analytic needs from the same source of truth through modern interactive dashboards, paginated reports, embedded analytics, and natural language queries.


Why Amazon QuickSight for Embedded Analytics?

Organizations increasingly strive to improve data literacy for all their employees and reduce dependence on IT and data scientists while gaining efficiency by moving to the cloud. Existing business intelligence tools can limit business users’ insight into their data. They can also limit IT departments’ ability to provide self-service analytics in a secure, scalable, and cost-efficient way. 

By migrating to Amazon QuickSight, organizations can modernize their advanced analytics, self-service, and reporting needs. You only pay for what you use and are not required to manage any infrastructure. 

Only pay for what you need - Data Insights

Only pay for
what you need

  • Cost effective at any scale, for any use case

  • Designed with BI in mind

Auto scaling and serverless

Auto scaling
and Serverless

  • Deploy globally to 100k's of users without provisioning servers

  • Built-in High Availability

  • Auto-scale to meet changing organizational and user demands

Community Icon- SchoolTool Community

Internal and/or
external users

  • Share insights with external parties

  • Embed into applications

  • Multi-tenant & secure

Deeply integrated data

Deeply integrated
with AWS services

  • Secure, private access to AWS data

  • Integrated S3 data lake permissions

Lack of Augmented Insights - White

Augmented Insights
on demand

  • Ask questions using NL

  • Anomaly Detection and Forecasting

  • Bring your own models from Amazon SageMaker
Additional benefits of Amazon QuickSight:

1- click embedding

Seamlessly embed rich, interactive dashboards in apps and portals without having to call embedding APIs. Also, with QuickSight's Embedded themes, you are able to personalize the look and feel (e.g. colors, fonts, etc.) of your reports and dashboards.

Data Insights - Send branded reports

Send custom branded email reports

Customize the email sender domain, the logo and header color of the email, and the footer text for email reports sent from Amazon QuickSight.

View Results Icon

Gain deeper data insights

Enable users to author, publish, and share their own dashboards and reports to get the answers they need to specific questions. This also makes it easier for users to access actionable insights through ad-hoc analysis and machine learning capabilities such as anomaly detection, forecasting, and natural language queries. 

Check out our case study on how we helped a working capital financing provider analyze their data using Amazon QuickSight's dynamic dashboards. And the best part? They can now easily share their findings with colleagues on a regular basis.

Data Insights - SSO

Serverless and easy to manage

Amazon QuickSight’s serverless architecture and APIs enable you to programmatically manage analytics workflows, like setting up multi-tenant architecture for isolating data between many users, automating deployments, and managing access with Single Sign-On (SSO).

Amazon QuickSight Delivery Partner Badge-1 

As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Tier Services Partner, AWS has validated Mindex’s technical skills and customer experience helping organizations like yours with their cloud journey and data strategy challenges.

What do we mean by insights for everyone?

Most customers we talk to are using 5+ different tool sets to solve their analytics challenges for users within their organization.

Amazon QuickSight’s native integration with other AWS services like ElasticSearch / Open Search, Sagemaker, Athena, S3, and others can help provide deeper insights across ALL of these use cases and user personas!


Data for everyone


All users can meet varying analytic needs from the same source of truth through modern interactive dashboards, paginated reports, embedded analytics, and natural language queries.

Curious to learn more about how to put your data to work?

It all starts with a chat!  By building an understanding of your current architecture and data strategy (we help with that too), our team of cloud experts will have you on your way to achieving deeper, actionable insights that can help your organization quickly adapt to changing business and customer needs. 

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Data Analyst looking at dashboard

Unlock actionable data insights with Mindex

Organizations are constantly seeking solutions that will deliver actionable application data insights more quickly. Yet, many need more time or resources to develop a solution that scales quickly and easily on its own.  In addition, even organizations that can create their own service are often challenged by how long it can take to prepare data for analytics. 

Overcome these obstacles by working with Mindex!

We have end-to-end experience in building out back end data solutions (native AWS and others), securely connecting to your data in VPCs and on-premises, setting up federated authentication/SSO and AD integration, building interactive dashboards, and embedding analytics into your applications with the QuickSight SDK and APIs.

Learn more about our engagement model:

During our discovery workshop, our cloud data engineers will seek to understand where you are along your data journey today, your current challenges, as well as your long-term strategy (if you have one! We can help with that, too).

This will help us right-size our approach to take you where you want to go along your analytics journey.

Schedule Discovery Session

After our initial discovery session, our team of cloud engineers will dive in and take inventory of your entire data landscape: existing applications and BI services, data infrastructure and dependencies/silos, security and governance, and more.

From there, we will share our recommended approach for a data strategy and our timeline for building a modern data architecture that can help you become a true data-driven organization.

Step 1: Pilot

Before any business-critical or extremely complex data sets, we'll first build out an embedded analytics dashboard using a non-business critical data set to help get your feet wet in the cloud. 


Step 2: Build

Once we all high-five at the success of this "baby project", we'll move onto your more complex data sets.  Your data will be optimized for performance and cost, achieve unified access, be secure and well governed, and use the latest analytics technologies so you can finally put your data to work, successfully!

You don’t have to be a cloud guru!

Our team has a deep set of managed services for data lakes and analytics, and has the technical knowledge and experience to help your internal stakeholders with an ongoing engagement that fits best.


React Faster and 
Anticipate Change

Uncover New Insights with your Data in the Cloud

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