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Inside Look: GenAI is Transforming Our Product and Operations - Let Us Enhance Your Business Too!

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It's an exciting time at Mindex as we integrate GenAI into our products and internal processes. Our early adoption and growing experience with GenAI have prepared us to assist organizations in developing their own GenAI technology roadmaps.

Navigating data can be chaotic and inefficient, but it doesn’t have to be. Discover how we’re implementing GenAI technology and how your business can leverage it too.

The Power of GenAI: Empowering Educators with Advanced Analytics 

Our product, SchoolTool, a student management system (SMS) designed for New York State K-12 schools, has undergone a complete revamp of its dashboards and analytics to a scalable, cloud-based solution to provide faster insights to our school districts.

In the past, dashboards required time-consuming updates, featured an outdated interface, and relied heavily on our development team, limiting our ability to deliver product updates and new dashboards to our districts in a timely fashion. To address this, we spent a lot of time engaging in beta testing with district data coordinators, principals, teachers, and others to develop our Advanced Analytics and improve our dashboards. Now, thanks to Amazon QuickSight, we can deploy new dashboards and features 300% faster, seamlessly integrate third-party data, and get insights to our districts more quickly.


Putting Insights at Your Fingertips

With Amazon Q in QuickSight, we're putting GenAI-powered analytics at the fingertips of educators with SchoolTool Advanced Analytics. For example, a teacher or administrator can query our dashboards using natural language capabilities powered by Amazon Q. There's no need for technical assistance or for the user to be tech-savvy; they now have the power to find and search for the insights they need.  

Below is an example of a district data coordinator asking to see the rates of absenteeism by economic status. After typing the question, a visual graph appears with detailed information. Super powerful, right? 


Leveraging GenAI to Save Time & Resources 

Behind the scenes, we're implementing GenAI to enhance and streamline our own development process. By automating tasks like code commenting and unit test writing, it allows our developers to focus on their core tasks: developing and problem-solving. The result? We estimate that GenAI will increase developer productivity by 20-50%! 

Utilizing GenAI as a Subject Matter Expert 

Furthermore, at Mindex, we're exploring how GenAI can serve as a valuable knowledge repository, assisting our team in understanding legacy code and streamlining development processes. For instance, our SMS, SchoolTool, is specifically tailored for New York State, a region known for frequent regulatory updates. When an update is required, we'd like to leverage GenAI to assist our team in understanding the code's backstory, particularly if it's in an area that New York State hasn’t required updates for a few years.

We're also looking to leverage GenAI to document internal processes and provide quick answers to common queries, which will save time and boost productivity for our team. Many of us have experienced the frustration of waiting for answers to our questions. With GenAI, our team can access the information they need instantly. Think of GenAI as a team member who is always available and ready to offer undivided attention.

How Mindex Can Help Your Business Gain the Insights It Needs

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Navigating through data can be chaotic and inefficient, hindering your ability to extract valuable insights, make informed decisions, and achieve business goals. At Mindex, we can help your business develop a comprehensive data strategy to gain the insights you need. Whether it's creating a data architecture roadmap or utilizing Amazon Q, we'll collaborate with you to leverage your data effectively.

Ready to get started? 

Start by filling out our Amazon Q On-Ramp form to set up a complimentary data architecture review with one of our solution architects. We will review your current data architecture, focusing on data ingestion, storage, and analytics (AI/ML, Business Intelligence). Together, we'll create a personalized roadmap to optimize your data pipeline and leverage Amazon Q.

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Inside Look: GenAI is Transforming Our Product and Operations - Let Us Enhance Your Business Too!

It's an exciting time at Mindex as we integrate GenAI into our products and internal processes. Our early adoption and growing experience with GenAI...

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