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Generative BI at Your Fingertips

With Amazon Q on QuickSight, you can effortlessly build BI dashboards, receive AI-driven summaries, ask detailed questions, and create customizable data stories, highlighting key insights.

Get Answers Instantly with Amazon Q

Just Ask and You Shall Receive!

  • Amazon Q analyzes your query, integrating it with visuals to provide tailored information in seconds!

  • Keep your business' data secure! Amazon Q is not trained on customer data.

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Deploy Dashboards 300% Faster

Faster than Lightning McQueen!

  • Create a variety of data visuals by aggregating, calculating, and comparing data using natural language.

  • Amazon Q simplifies calculation building. No need to be a number cruncher; Amazon Q has got you covered.

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Build dashboards in minutes

Generate Custom Data Stories

Amazon Q, Your Data Story Writer!

  • Amazon Q data stories allow you to generate customizable stories and presentations based on your data, which can be shared easily across your organization to drive decisions.

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leverage your data to the fullest

Ready to experience the Power of Amazon Q on QuickSight?

We're ready to share our Amazon Q experience and help your business gain the insights it needs. Let us guide you through the possibilities and drive your business forward so you can leverage Generative BI tech today.

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Hot off the press

We’ve been beta testing GenAI tech before others could get their hands on it.

AWS just recently announced the general availability of Amazon Q, an AI-powered assistant designed to accelerate software development and unlock data insights, and we had the honor of being one of only a couple companies worldwide to beta test AWS’ GenAI technology before it became available.

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