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Our secret is out! We’ve been beta testing Gen AI tech before others could get their hands on it.

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AWS just recently announced the general availability of Amazon Q, an AI-powered assistant designed to accelerate software development and unlock data insights, and we had the honor of being one of only a couple companies worldwide to beta test AWS’ GenAI technology before it became available.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working in collaboration with AWS and their Amazon Q team to enhance SchoolTool Advanced Analytics, giving our developers a head start building it into our product, as well as using it ourselves for our own business purposes.  (We truly do eat our own dog food!)

Mindex is now highlighted on Amazon's customer webpage as an Amazon Q in QuickSight customer, and our collaboration with Amazon Q has been instrumental in taking SchoolTool Advanced Analytics to the next level and allowing us to continue to be a trailblazer in the EdTech space!

"Amazon Q in QuickSight is a truly innovative offering, bringing to bear the power of Gen-AI to make dashboard developers more efficient, and democratizing the ability to create new insights direct to non-technical users. This will enable an exponential increase in the volume and speed at which insights to inform regional and district-level student success can be delivered, unleashing the true value in student data that has previously been hamstrung by resource availability and the requirement of highly specialized skill sets.”
- Michael Terzis, Mindex Chief Product Officer

SchoolTool users will soon be able to ask questions and receive immediate visualized answers, making analytics more accessible to educators.



Is Your Data AI-ready? 

Mindex is not only an AWS customer incorporating generative AI into our own products and services, but we're also an Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery Partner. That means we have experience helping other organizations maximize their data by curating rich, interactive experiences in Amazon QuickSight to identify trends, outliers, and key business drivers.

Kickstarting your own data journey.
The initial step is to sign up for a Data Architecture Review. This review enables your team to collaborate with a Certified AWS Data Architect, diving into the three core pillars of your data pipeline: Data Ingestion, Data Storage, and Analytics (AI/ML, Business Intelligence). 

During this collaborative process, we'll work together to identify your challenges and opportunities, laying the groundwork for a robust data strategy to help you achieve your goals—leveraging your data to make informed decisions. 

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