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Trainer Tip: Transcript Troubleshooting

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Our SchoolTool trainers are experts in providing training and support for using our comprehensive student management system. Every month, we'll share a tip to help teachers/faculty members, and administrators get the most out of our system. This month, we're focusing on transcript troubleshooting. 

With this school year coming to a close, it is time for districts to begin providing up-to-date transcripts for their students. Below we have listed the most common errors we see and ways to troubleshoot them:

  1. Credits are missing from the transcript.

    1. If the credit is not displaying for a course that the student has taken multiple times, such as the same P.E. course, make sure that “Give credit for recurring instances” is selected for that course in Scheduling > Course Catalog.

    2. The credit will also not display if there is no final score for the course, even if the transcript credit is overridden.

  2. Graduation Dates are not showing on the transcript.

    1. These need to be configured in Maintenance > Counseling > Graduation Dates and then added to the enrollments for your students on their student record. Graduation Dates can be updated in batch using Counseling > Batch Enrollment Edit.

  3. ACT/SAT/Regents scores are not displaying on the transcript.

    1. Make sure the correct exams are assigned on the student’s record.

    2. Ensure the following option is properly selected for the assessment: Counseling > Assessments > Edit needed assessment > “Include in Transcript”.

      1. In this same area, verify that the proper Assessment Type is selected. For example, if you are configuring a Regents exam, you will need to select the Regents Assessment Type.

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