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SchoolTool's March Roundup: Conferences and Events Across the State

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The month of March has been a busy one, traveling across the state to seasonal conferences and events, gathering with our BOCES and RIC partners at User Group meetings, and combining forces with partners like Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a hackathon-type environment to take our SchoolTool Analytics and Dashboards to the next level! 

SchoolTool Conferences & Events Roadshow

Early in the month, we started our journey at the NYSCOSS 2023 Winter Institute in Albany, NY. Next, we made our way to the DATAG Spring Meeting (also in Albany, NY), and then the ASSET Annual Conference in Melville, NY. Our latest adventure took us to the NYSCATE Digital Pathways in Western New York, and we had an amazing time!  

DATAG Spring 2023 Conference

DATAG Spring Conference (Albany, NY).  Jack Hibit (SchoolTool) with Jay Dave (LHRIC) and Jeff Bittner (NERIC) 

Thanks to all the educators who dropped by and said hello.  Our videos of our gradebook and analytics were extremely popular, and the feedback was incredible— Seeing the positive reaction on people’s faces gets us pumped up and excited even more than we already are!

If you didn’t get a chance to attend any of these events in March, we’ve been sharing our gradebook innovations. Take a few minutes to check it out!

Monroe 1 BOCES User Group Session

We were thrilled to have Monroe 1 BOCES visit us at Mindex Headquarters for a SchoolTool User Group session! Our team shared the latest updates and features and received valuable feedback from our education partners. It was great to connect and collaborate with such an enthusiastic group! 

Monroe 1 BOCES User Group

Monroe 1 BOCES User Group in the George Eastman training room at Mindex (Rochester, NY)  

For more information about our user group sessions, click here

SchoolTool & AWS Collaborate in NYC 

Our Mindex Cloud Professional Services and SchoolTool teams joined forces with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in NYC for a data lab workshop. We had a blast spending a week there brainstorming and reimagining SchoolTool Analytics!  As an AWS Advanced Services Partner, and hosting SchoolTool on the AWS Cloud, it was a wonderful opportunity to bring our different teams together in a collaborative environment. 

AWS Data Lab with Mindex

AWS Data Lab collaborative event with AWS, and Mindex Cloud Services and SchoolTool teams. (New York City, NY) 

As we look out into the year, additional conferences are booked and we’re looking forward to connecting with even more Superintendents, Directors of Technology, Faculty and Staff. We’re continuing to work hard on upcoming product release updates, videos, and more, so stay tuned because the SchoolTool ball is ROLLING!!

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