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SchoolTool Gradebook Upgrades: What's New & Improved

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We are super excited to reveal the newest SchoolTool gradebook features, designed by teachers for teachers! We've been listening to your feedback over the past few years, and these changes will make grading so much easier. Keep reading to find out what we're rolling out! 

A Quick Summary Includes: 

  1. Teachers can make it their own! They can personalize it to their needs with layout options, color coding, grading scales, and more! No more one-size-fits-all.
  2. It's super-efficient! Fast data entry that automatically saves, instantaneous filtering and sorting, and one-time set up of recurring assignments.
  3. Rich, integrated guidance to aid teachers easily set up their gradebook and to see how that set up will play out across assignments and marking periods. 

  …and we’re just getting started!

Keep reading to learn more about these in detail:


Adding color coding to categories, assignments & scales.

SchoolTool has added great new color-coding features for teachers! Now, teachers can assign colors to categories (homework, classwork, tests, presentations, etc.) and get a visual of how everything works together to create students' grades. Plus, it updates in real-time as you adjust category weights. We've also included variable charts to give you an overview of how both the class and the number of grading periods will change across the school year. 

We've also introduced color coding for scales, with new colors now appearing in the gradebook editor. There's no special meaning to these colors; they're just what the teacher has set up - but if you need a bit of help understanding this new feature, our online help page is here to help out! 

It is also important to note that these color options are only visible to teachers. Students and parents cannot see these color code options. 

Gradebook Enhanced Features

Improvements to sorting, viewing & scrolling 

After hearing feedback from users who met with our SchoolTool UX team, we’ve made several adjustments to sorting, viewing and scrolling. Thank you to all who shared their experience with us so we can make those kinds of changes that improve your experience using SchoolTool!

  • You can now easily find rosters on the left, with larger font for easy reading. The first and last name order can be altered as well. List students alphabetically or in reverse order – whatever suits you better! Additionally, if you are looking to pull up information for one student, that's no problem; simply use the search bar to locate them.
  • For the assignment header, the top row freezes, so you can see all the assignment names as you scroll down. Teachers can also freely scroll up and down for more visibility while grading assignments.
  • Icons have been moved to the top and we expanded their widths for better viewing!

New & Improved Bulk Actions

We have many new and improved bulk actions, making adding grades and notes to student records much easier. You can also mass-clear and easily edit if you happen to make an error. 

Curious to learn more about our upgraded gradebook? Click the link below to watch our 5-minute video on our new and improved gradebook! We can't wait to hear what you think!
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