SchoolTool Certification Level 1

SchoolTool Certification Programs

Certification Level 1

Our Certification programs are designed to provide an overall exposure of SchoolTool for those that are supporting our product. These programs are intended to provide users with technical knowledge in using and supporting SchoolTool across its many features.

SchoolTool Certification Level 1

Level 1 is a six-day course that offers the fundamental knowledge of SchoolTool for all the primary modules; Attendance, Census, Counseling, Discipline, and Medical will be discussed in detail as well as the applicable areas of Maintenance and overall topics of security, accounts, and reporting.

Prerequisite: None

Cost per Participant for Certification Level 1: $1200

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SchoolTool Essentials

•  SchoolTool Overview
•  SchoolTool Basics and Searching
•  Creating and Managing Faculty
•  Teacher Tasks, including attendance, grade books, and submitting grades
•  Dashboards
•  Mobile App


•  Census Overview and Searching
•  Adding Families, Individuals
•  Address Maintenance
•  Managing Contacts
•  Enrollments and Program Services
•  Sharing and Transferring Student Data
•  Online Pre-Registration
•  CRDC and BEDS
•  Census Reports


•  Counseling Overview and Searching
•  Managing Student Schedules
•  Alternate/Multiple Schedules
•  Batch Enrollments & Schedules
•  Assessments
•  Graduation Requirements
•  Course History
•  Post-Grad Plans
•  Auto Grade Advancement

Counseling and Medical

•  Managing Student Grades
•  Counseling Overrides
•  Report Format
•  Counseling Reports
•  Medical Overview and Maintenance
•  Medical History and Screenings
•  Medications and Physicians
•  Medical Reports


•  Attendance Overview
•  Adding and Resolving Absences
•  Today’s Attendance
•  Student Visits
•  Substitutes
•  Attendance Views
•  Attendance Policy Letters
•  Attendance Reports

Discipline and Miscellaneous

•  Discipline Overview
•  Adding and Resolving Referrals/Classroom Incidents
•  Managing Detention and Suspension Lists
•  Missing Students
•  Discipline Reports
•  Transportation
•  NYS Data Warehouse
•  Custom Exports
•  Custom Alerts

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