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User Benefits

SchoolTool™ gives administrators, faculty, and staff the power to record and report information faster and easier than ever before. For parents and students, it’s a convenient way to stay informed and connected to teachers and staff, helping to support success. Following are some of the many ways it can benefit users.

Report and perform district-wide data analysis using dashboards

Access a powerful NYS validation report and easily track and report faculty and student data in the latest NYS reporting requirements

View students’ discipline and attendance history

Communicate with school and district personnel

Create user-defined screens and assessments for tracking unique district data

Utilize our master schedule and student schedule builders, or use our drag-and-drop tools

Generate report cards and transcripts

Manage graduation requirements and students’ course history

Manage Teacher Student Data Linkage (TSDL) minutes and full Student Learning Objective (SLO) data

Identify at-risk students and Response To Intervention (RTI) tracking with an early warning view

Access all functionality, including grade books, from anywhere

Easily take period attendance—down to the minute—and view a real-time current roster with drag-and-drop seating charts

Communicate securely with students, parents, and other staff and send push notifications via the mobile app

Track students’ progress via dashboards with the Student View Dashboard

Create tests and quizzes and deliver them to students electronically

Easily email teachers with the click of a button

View schedules, grades, attendance, and discipline history

Receive push notifications, participate in discussions, and access student data on the go with the SchoolTool mobile app

View Teacher Pages to see course information, grading policies, and general announcements

Track student progress and see trends using the Student View Dashboard

Process individual/group attendance entries

Enforce attendance policies and generate letters to send home

Locate teachers’ missing attendance to help enforce consistency

Simplify attendance submission with support for swipe technologies

View student attendance trends using powerful dashboards and perform detailed state reporting

Track scheduled and unscheduled visits

Track immunizations, physicals, and other screenings

Track medical alerts, inventory, physicians, and insurance

Generate medical records and transcripts, and create medical reports

Review immunization status for tracking and reporting

Add buses and track daily pick-ups and drop-offs

Generate color-coded bus tags and transportation reports

Track alternate drop-off and pick-up points, including day care centers

Communicate with third-party applications using APIs, including RIC One API with SIF xPress standards and OneRoster

Connect to Google for authentication and allow teachers to sync grade books between SchoolTool and Google Classroom

Automate NYS data warehouse exports for SIRS

Support CTE/Alt Ed/Special Ed/P-TECH needs

Submit scores for CDOS/Employability Profile

Provide online registration for students

Simplify special education program billing

Access information via the Home District Portal

View and exchange student data between BOCES and home districts

Process and track discipline referrals

Monitor detentions and suspensions

Generate discipline reports, including SSEC

Use dashboards to analyze trends for PBIS

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