Case Study
- Case Study -

Using AWS technology to solve real-time challenges


CareAR, A Xerox Company, is the Service Experience Management (SXM) leader. CareAR makes expertise accessible instantly for users through remote, live visual augmented reality (AR) and AI interactions, instructions, and insights as part of a seamless digital workflow experience. The CareAR platform bridges skills gaps, accelerates knowledge transfer, improves operational efficiency, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Through advanced AWS technology, CareAR will be able to connect its internal technicians with onsite customer technicians virtually to resolve issues in real-time.


When healthcare staff experience issues with technology, like X-ray machines or CAT scans, it can have a devastating impact on patient outcomes. CareAR recognized the need to offer their healthcare clients a way to resolve those technology issues seamlessly with speed, and is seeking to create a solution that can provide instant access to remote, live visual augmented reality (AR) and AI interactions, instructions, and insights with their technicians no matter where they are located.

CareAR has appointed Mindex, an AWS Advanced Services Partner, to help build the architecture that delivers the telemetry.

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CareAR recognized the need for more efficient service and support when their healthcare clients encounter technical issues with their solutions (X-ray machines for MRIs, CT scans, etc.). 


Currently, if a client (healthcare provider) has an issue with product functionality, CareAR must send a technician onsite to resolve the problem.


As a result, CareAR has two significant issues:
1. Resolving product issues in a timely manner. 
2. Current process of repairing product issues is inefficient and costly (CareAR technicians must travel to client sites).




AWS has the ideal framework and infrastructure to create blueprints for IoT patterns and the throughput to handle telemetry, which enables this structure and process for issue resolution.

CareAR will also be able to utilize real-time data to collect and produce analytics to update systems consistently.



Project Implementation: 3 Phases

We are in the process of completing the following implementation:

Phase 1

Building the Architecture

Currently, we're building the architecture that will deliver the telemetry. Once it is built, we can launch sessions to collect data, access information, and share information.

The following AWS technologies are being used to build the telemetry architecture:
  • We're using AWS IoT Core for communication between the device and the AWS ecosystem. As a result, CareAR's IoT devices and applications can securely transmit messages with low latency and high throughput.

  • Additionally, we're utilizing AWS IoT Greengrass to pre-process the telemetry from the machine at the device/local network layer.

    By using IoT Greengrass, we can collect and analyze data locally and react autonomously by pushing software updates from remote locations to the local network when needed.

Phase 2

Establishing Rules & Checkpoints

The second phase involves looking at the telemetry and information from the machines and analyzing the data to see if the machine will break down soon. Our cloud team will establish rules and checkpoints based on all the data, allowing the customer to be proactive preventing device downtime.

Phase 3

Integrating Analytics

The third phase involves integrating analytics into the machines. Artificial intelligence will further predict machine downtimes by analyzing machine data and patterns, reducing human error and allowing staff to focus their time and effort on more essential tasks.

With advanced AWS technology, CareAR will be able to connect its internal technicians with onsite customer technicians virtually to resolve issues in real-time.

Clients will be able to translate issues onsite and send the information to CareAR technicians. CareAR technicians can then work with onsite client technicians to detect and resolve issues. Furthermore, the client will be able to watch a virtual demo and resolve issues as needed during the diagnostics.

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The business impact of this project will be transformational. Our solution will ensure that CareAR will have consistent, uninterrupted solution performance.

Product Reliability

Our solution will ensure that CareAR's machines remain up and running and reliable, which is fundamental to the healthcare industry.

Increased Revenue

Reduced machine downtime will allow CareAR clients (healthcare providers) to perform more MRIs, CAT scans, etc., resulting in increased revenues.

Resolve Issues Remotely

This project will eliminate downtime and additional costs, including travel expenses. CareAR technicians will be able to resolve product issues remotely.

A Real-Time View 

CareAR will be able to view telemetry data in real-time, thereby reducing machine downtime. 

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