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AWS and Mindex Join Forces for PGA Golf Tournament

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Have you ever wondered how the PGA Tour is able to live stream so much data (video, tracking, player stats, etc.) all around the world in just a matter of seconds? What if you had the opportunity to see the technology and teams bringing all of that to life? With the PGA Championship in Rochester, New York, at Oak Hill Country Club this year, we got a glimpse behind the technology curtain!

The PGA Tour has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), its official cloud partner, to bring cutting-edge machine learning, storage, computing, analytics, database, and media services to the PGA tournament. As an AWS Advanced Tier partner, AWS and Mindex co-hosted 30+ tech execs at our downtown headquarters where Ken Lovell, Senior Vice President of Golf Technology for PGA Tour, shared insight into how the PGA Tour’s use of AWS cloud technology has evolved throughout the years, as well as how they are continuously innovating and pushing the envelope of what’s possible.   

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What’s even cooler is that we then shuttled our guests over to the PGA tournament for an exclusive walking tour around the grounds and into restricted areas, to see all of the technology in action. Ken is responsible for the operation, research and long-term development of all technology deployed to measure performance on the golf course, so we were honored to spend the day with him. The innovation happening at the PGA is a game-changer for golf and fans everywhere, and we were psyched to see it firsthand while the championship was in our backyard.

Curious to learn more about AWS technology and happenings at the PGA?

Watch this video where Ken dives into some of the details! 

Did you know these fascinating facts about AWS and PGA? 

  1. The PGA TOUR migrated nearly 100 years of video, audio, and images dating back to 1928 to the AWS cloud. This shift enabled new insights to be gathered, correlations made, and source content made globally searchable and accessible for the first time to players, coaches, media, partners, fans, and more. 
  2. By moving core elements of live-event production from on-premises, truck-based environments to cloud-based production models, the TOUR can create a smaller footprint that is more cost-effective than before. More hours of golf content are available to fans, players, and their partners. 
  3. With 144 players and 18 holes spread across hundreds of acres, it's impossible for fans to experience all the excitement and thrills at the same time. AWS helps ensure fans never miss out on another "crowd roaring" moment, whether on the course or watching at home. 

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