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Mindex Ranks #48 on Top 100!

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Mindex is extremely proud to share that we ranked #48 on the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce’s Top 100 list! This is our ninth time on the list and a significant accomplishment for us, especially since each company must be:

  • Independent
  • Privately held
  • Have a minimum of $1 million dollars in revenue for each of the past three fiscal years
  • Headquartered in the Greater Rochester area

Earning accolades like this is a direct result of our employees hard work and dedication, and the strong relationships we enjoy with our customers. THANK YOU for everything you do on a daily basis to make Mindex the company it is today and will be in the future! I look forward to our continued collaboration making Mindex the best version of itself each day.

Read more about this year’s Top 100 companies in the digital magazine (our ad is on page three)

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