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Microsoft ends support for SQL Server 2012

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If you’ve taken part in upgrading your Microsoft SQL Server instances in the past, chances are it isn’t one of those job responsibilities that causes you to jump for joy the next time it comes around. Unfortunately, that time is upon us as Microsoft plans to end its support for SQL Server 2012 on July 12, 2022. Without support, organizations are exposed to vulnerabilities, increasing the likelihood of a data breach, costly critical database errors, compliancy issues, and more.

Sure, you can opt-in for additional years of security updates past the end of support date, but rather than implementing a temporary fix and hoping your job will change before the extended support expires (we know that crossed your mind), there is no better time to migrate legacy applications and infrastructure to the cloud and finally break free from the upgrade and refresh cycle!

Migrate SQL workloads to the cloud

Migrating and modernizing SQL Server workloads to the cloud is a multi-stage but rewarding journey that can lead to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), a more reliable and secure environment for your workloads, and a simpler, integrated experience for running and managing your SQL Server solution.

Organizations can save a lot of money on their IT expenses by migrating their SQL Server workloads to the cloud. But don't just take our word for it! According to IDC's White Paper, "The Business Value of Efficiently Running High-Performing Windows Workloads in the AWS Cloud," organizations can look to save 56% over five years in terms of IT operations. The savings includes infrastructure costs, IT staff time costs, and productivity costs related to unplanned outages. 

We'll leave you with one more reason (there are many) why you should move your SQL Server workloads to the cloud: The opportunity to generate a whopping 442% ROI over five years, estimated when running high-performance Windows workloads in the AWS Cloud. That's right, 442% ROI over five years. Take that statistic to your finance folks!

While these benefits sound spectacular (they are!), cloud migrations also require extensive planning and preparation that most IT staff don’t have the time, desire, or expertise to tackle— That’s where we come in!


Mindex is a Microsoft and AWS Advanced Services Partner located in Rochester, NY, that specializes in helping enterprise organizations upgrade, migrate and modernize their SQL Server workloads to the cloud.

Our team of cloud experts are passionate about all things cloud, and would high-five each other if you called on them to help reach your migration goals!

We have an easy 3-step process to guide you, and are offering a complimentary cloud readiness assessment to help you get started.


Don't be shy. There's no better time to migrate legacy applications and infrastructure to the cloud and finally break free from the upgrade and refresh cycle!

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Not sure what all this "cloud migration" business is about? 
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