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Big Data Analysis Made Easy with Amazon QuickSight

How can businesses make the most out of their data and use it to drive growth? 

Gone are the days when businesses had to rely on gut instinct and assumptions to make critical decisions. With the rise of big data analytics tools, companies can now leverage their vast data sets to gain valuable insights into their operations, customers, and market trends. However, many organizations need help understanding and utilizing this data effectively. 

We were contacted by one of the leading providers in calibration services, a company with recognition for their excellence in test and measurement equipment. They wanted to tap into their data and gain insights that would help them understand their business better - through data visualization.

With the aid of our Mindex cloud team, we revamped their data visualization using Amazon QuickSight, a cloud-powered business intelligence tool. So, let's dive into this customer success story and explore how we helped this top-notch calibration services provider achieve its goals. 


When we spoke to the calibration services provider, they expressed that their main challenge was combining multiple data sources into one area for visualization and use.


Our cloud team suggested to our client to use AWS QuickSight for enhanced data visualization and report generation. But, before implementing it, our team recommended sorting through and managing the extensive amount of big data.  

Our team suggested using a combination of AWS Glue, AWS Aurora, AWS S3 and Amazon Redshift to help our client manage its big data more efficiently. This enabled them to improve the overall performance of their data management system. First, unneeded data was filtered out, making it easier to extract the important information. Once the data was prepared, AWS QuickSight enabled us to generate reports in a more organized and efficient manner. 

Moving Data to and from Amazon Redshift 

Our client’s databases contain essential ordering and quoting data for their equipment, but understanding this data was a challenge. Our cloud team set up efficient data pipelines using AWS Glue that allowed the source data to be extracted and transformed into Amazon Redshift. AWS Glue is a serverless ETL solution that is cost-effective and scalable to support any amount of data being extracted. It’s trivial to connect to and combine multiple data sources and centralize them in a data lake or data warehouse.  

Once we loaded data into Aurora, Redshift, and S3, QuickSight brought its magic. With QuickSight's powerful query capabilities we were easily able to create amazing dashboards and insightful reports.  

Client Successes  

Our client achieved notable successes in their data management efforts, including: 

Interactive Data-20Data Visualizations 

Our client can now visualize their data, promoting better decision-making based on clear and quickly identify data trends. 

cloud storage-20Transform Data

Another success involved transforming raw data into a well-architected data warehouse to suit their needs.  

Historical Data Transfer-20

Historical Data Transfer 

Accessing historical data was another win, which allowed them to access crucial information from the past that was previously unavailable. 


User Access-20-1 Expand Data Access 

More impressively, more people than ever within the company now have access to insights gleaned from the data beyond just the data scientists. This broader audience means our client can make better-informed decisions that ultimately benefit the organization as a whole. 


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