Version 17.3

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Mindex released SchoolTool Version 17.3 on March 30, 2020. This release also included an update for SchoolTool Dashboards, Version 10.2.

This release included a number of updates for NYS data warehouse reporting requirements, including changes to state assessment dates, assorted code changes, and updates to export templates.

In addition to tracking student hours for work-based learning, districts can now enter hours for community service activities. Both types of hours can be displayed on transcripts.

A new area was added to allow districts to delete records for individuals who were added to SchoolTool in error. This area includes a review screen so users can see what data, if any, is associated with that record prior to deleting it.

Changes to Medical Visits allow nurses to administer medications as needed during unscheduled visits. A simplified workflow allows medical staff to add and manage medication inventory and scheduled dosages through the student record.

Other enhancements in Version 17.3 include enhancements to progress reports and transcripts, new features in online help, and options to show or hide student locator information on certain screens.

This Dashboards update includes a major shift in the way building rights are managed for individual users. Those permissions are now handled directly through faculty records in SchoolTool, ensuring consistency and simplifying user management. In addition, the Course Attendance dashboard now allows users to add a second chart in order to compare multiple sets of data on a single dashboard. Future enhancements to this dashboard will include the ability to drill down and save changes to the second chart.

The next SchoolTool release is expected in July 2020.

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