Version 17.2

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Mindex released SchoolTool Version 17.2 on November 27, 2019. This release also included an update for SchoolTool Dashboards, Version 10.1.

This release included a number of updates for NYS data warehouse reporting requirements, including state assessment schedules for 2019-2020, a new field for Incidental Teaching Assignment, assorted code changes, and updates to export templates.

Security enhancements included support for SSL/TLS for email and new options for SFTP for scheduled exports.

The External Registration area now supports matching on Student ID. This makes it easy to update student information from other applications, whether importing data from a file or connecting to another system via API.

Districts will now be able to take attendance for students in their alternate enrollment locations when the primary enrollment location is not in session (on Calendar days, during summer school, etc.).

Other enhancements in Version 17.2 include the ability teachers to submit more than one course recommendation per student and the addition of a new Discipline report to allow users to print a history of classroom incidents per building.

This Dashboards update includes enhancements to the Discipline dashboard that will allow users to filter based on referral time period (in 30-minute intervals), making it much easier to view charts and identify trends during a specific part of the day. Other changes in this release include enhancements to the Course Attendance dashboard, the addition of early dismissal data on the Student View dashboard, new permissions in SchoolTool to control access to drill down functionality on the Assessments dashboard, and more!

The next SchoolTool release is expected in March 2020.

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