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Mindex released the latest version of its student management software, schooltool, on March 29. This update includes the implementation of Classroom Incidents in the Discipline module, an option to upload files with student registration data, and the ability to import assignments and grades from Google Classroom, and various other improvements throughout the application.

Districts can now enable Classroom Incidents, a way for teachers to track discipline incidents within their classroom, which can be transitioned into referrals if needed. Classroom Incidents will be shown on student records and will be included in custom export.

Student census information can be uploaded into schooltool by a file upload and added in batch mode through External Registration. Districts can also this batch functionality to receive registration data that was transmitted to schooltool via API calls.

Teachers will now be able to import assignments and grades from Google Classroom into the Grade Book Editor. An option to overwrite scores in schooltool from Google Classroom is part of this feature.

Also included in the 16.3 release is Version 9.2 of schooltool Premier Dashboard Suite. The Course Attendance dashboard has been enhanced to allow for saving of configuration options and additional changes have been made to the Discipline and Attendance dashboards.

For more information on the 16.3 release, customers can view Feature Documentation and Release Notes on the Knowledge Base.

The next schooltool release will be in Summer 2019.

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