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Harness the power to analyze student or faculty data right from the SchoolTool™ application. SchoolTool Dashboards help districts spot areas of strength—and find areas that may need attention. Review a student’s attendance and discipline trends or compare assessments to final scores for each school year. Look at yearly trends for teachers’ grading or track SLO scores and growth. An even more extensive list of features and benefits provided by SchoolTool is available here.

Visualize the
big picture

Dashboards contain a number of interactive charts that can show one or multiple ranges of data. Each chart can easily be exported to spreadsheets, documents, or PDFs for distribution.

Analyze enrollment trends for proper planning of facilities, faculty, and services.

Evaluate the specific type and frequency of infractions, including SSEC incidents; compare data to find any problem time periods.

Look at the district’s overall marking period and final course scores.

Track and analyze all local and NYS Regents assessments; find students who have excelled and those who may need additional assistance.

View students’ Performance Level and Scale data for NYS 3-8 assessments.

Track SLO target success by building, department, or teacher.

Trend any non-NYS assessments like DIBELS or Fountas and Pinnell.

View district attendance and absence types for proper aid information; analyze student performance in relation to absences.

View graduation rate and diploma type trends.

Analyze student growth on assessment and course score data.

Combines all of the other dashboards data for a single student view.

Combines all of the other dashboard data for a single faculty view.

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