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From Data Chaos to Clarity: The Amazon QuickSight Solution

The Mindex cloud team worked in close collaboration with a working capital financing provider to help them leverage their big data. With the help of Amazon QuickSight, they were able to quickly and conveniently analyze their data with dynamic dashboards and easily share their discoveries with colleagues on a regular basis.

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Migrating 100 School Districts to SchoolTool Hosting

NERIC was utilizing on-premise servers to manage their student data, which supported 100,000+ students across 100 school districts for SchoolTool. Mindex and NERIC determined that NERIC could migrate to an AWS cloud environment as an alternative to the existing on-premise servers to achieve the basic objectives of efficiency and performance.

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Big Data Analysis Made Easy with Amazon QuickSight

Our Mindex cloud team utilized Amazon QuickSight to aid a leading calibration service provider in revamping its data visualization efforts, helping them uncover valuable business insights.

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Global Diagnostic Solutions Case Study Banner

Using AWS for your Big Data and Analytics Needs

Mindex worked with an award-winning, industry-leading pretransfusion testing system that automates over 99% of blood typing and antibody screening. Our cloud team replatformed their application stack to an AWS serverless stack, resulting in lower TCO and faster machine test results.

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Supporting Business Growth with Scalable Technology Solutions

Alterna Capital Solutions (ACS) appointed Mindex to help migrate its critical operational system that processes and supports its factoring offerings to a self-hosted, managed Cloud via AWS. We've positioned the ACS team to unlock value-add integrations, reporting, and custom software capabilities that will greatly contribute to the growth and needs of the business. 

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Using AWS Technology to Solve Real-Time Challenges

When healthcare staff experience issues with technology, like Xray machines or CAT scans, it can have a devastating impact on patient outcomes. CareAR recognized the need to offer their healthcare clients a way to resolve those technology issues seamlessly. CareAR appointed Mindex, an AWS Advanced Services Partner, to help build the architecture that delivers the telemetry.

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Hosting SchoolTool™ in the Cloud with AWS

Even before the school opened its doors, enrollment at Truxton Academy Charter School grew rapidly. School officials knew that a robust student management system (SMS) supported by a scalable infrastructure platform was essential for success. Truxton turned to Mindex for a cost-effective, customizable, and secure solution.

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EBook-Licensing Costs and Modernize Enterprise Workloads

Reduce Licensing Costs and Modernize Enterprise Workloads

This eBook discusses how an AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment (OLA) shows you how to save on third party licensing costs and run your resources more efficiently, enabling you to model your deployment options using your existing licensing entitlements and reduce costs at an average of 36% in the process!

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eBook - Running Microsoft Workloads with Mindex on AWS-final

Choose the Right Migration Strategy for Your Business 

This eBook highlights why and how to migrate, modernize, and build your Windows workloads on AWS.

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eBook - Migrating Microsoft Workloads to AWS

Unlock the Freedom of Running Microsoft Workloads in the Cloud

This eBook discusses how migrating Microsoft workloads to AWS can help customers optimize costs and achieve greater performance, availability, and security.

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Closet to Cloud in 60 Days - Infographic - Landscape v2 72-01

Closet to Cloud in 60 Days

This infographic shares our cloud migration guide step-by-step and what you can achieve in 60 days.

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Benefits of Migrating Microsoft Workloads to AWS Cloud

This infographic shares the benefits you can achieve by moving your on-premises and business-critical Windows Server and SQL Server workloads to AWS.

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Why SchoolTool is NYS #1 SIS

This infographic explains why many have chosen SchoolTool for their Student Information System (SIS).

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