Mindex Celebrates 26 Years!

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A message from Marc Fiore:

Today is a special day for Mindex, our 26th anniversary. I continue to be so grateful for the amount of support I have received over Mindex’s 26 years in business. I am even more appreciative of the maturity and dedication that Mindex employees have demonstrated during this crisis.  

I feel one of the best ways to celebrate this particular anniversary, and to show my gratitude, is to give back. There are so many individuals across our region that cannot work from home, or even work at all, because their employers have shut down. So many are struggling. On behalf of Mindex, and our incredible employee base, I will contribute $10,000 to the Community Crisis Fund https://www.racf.org/fund/community-crisis-fund/. This fund was established by the United Way of Greater Rochester and The Community Foundation to rapidly deploy flexible resources to community-based organizations that are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

If you or your employer are in a position to donate I encourage you to do so. Let’s work together to help heal our community.

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