Celebrating 25 Years—And Counting

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To all Mindex Employees, Customers, Family, and Friends –

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Mindex. Statistics show that only one-third of businesses survive past ten years. Over the last 25 years we have dealt with our share of challenges and obstacles; however, the caliber of our employees and the backing of our customers has allowed us to excel. I will continue to invest in our future to propel us forward on this journey. A refresh of our branding is currently underway, and I’m very pleased to share our new logos. Progress continues on our new location on Alexander Street, cementing the commitment to Mindex’s growth. I encourage you all to pause and take a moment to celebrate our success. We will continue to celebrate this incredible accomplishment over the next few months. Our celebration will culminate with the opening of our new headquarters in downtown Rochester. Thank you all for your dedication and support.


Marc C. Fiore

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