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2018 Mindex Charity Update: Why Support Sustain Inspire Survive (SIS)?

Why Support Sustain Inspire Survive (SIS)? Thoughts from Kim Bender I survived ovarian cancer when I was 20 years old. Going through something like that, and surviving... Read More

Our Favorite Apps

Smart phone apps can make life easier and more organized, but trying to find the right ones to download can be a bit overwhelming. We asked some Mindex and school... Read More

News About Upcoming Move for Mindex

Exciting things are happening at Mindex! Click here, to read the full Democrat & Chronicle... Read More

Why Use an IT Recruiter?

Learn about the benefits of using an IT Recruiter to fill your open IT positions. Click... Read More

Joining Hearts and Hands October 2017 Update

  As you know, and if you don’t, check out previous articles on our website, Mindex donated money to Joining Hearts and... Read More